Terms & Conditions OnestopTaxPrep for Events

1. General

1.1 In these General Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions
the General Conditions of OnestopTaxPrep, registered at Keizersgracht 241, Amsterdam
the Payment Service Provider that operates in his own name, but at the expense and risk of the Organizer;
The event – by way of example, but not limited to – a workshop, lecture or course for which the ticket was purchased;
OnestopTaxPrep, the party with which the visitor enters into a contract;
the natural person or legal entity who enters into an agreement with the Organizer;
the place where the event is held;
Venue Holder
the owner or operator of the building;
(Sale) Agreement
the agreement between the Visitor and the Organizer regarding the sale and delivery of tickets;
Organizer and Visitors together;
Ticket Number / Order Number 
a number that is linked to a Visitor / ticket;
Ticket (s)
the admission ticket(s) for the Event;
Website of the Organizer
www.onestoptaxprep.nl, www.events.onestoptaxprep.nl, or Organizer’s partner sites.

1.2        The General Terms and Conditions for Events apply to all legal relationships between the parties regarding the purchase of tickets and visiting an Event.

1.3        If before, during or after the purchase of a ticket and / or (visit to) an Event, Visitor also enters into an agreement for financial services -by way of example, but not limited to – a consultation for tax advice, the general terms and conditions for that service will then apply. These terms and conditions are made available at the inception of the service.

2. Conditions for Visitors

2.1        All information about the Event and the availability of Tickets, which is provided to the Visitor by the Organizer, is always non-binding and cannot be considered basis for any legal rights.

2.2        During his visit to an Event, the Visitor should be in possession of a valid admission ticket and proof of identity, and is obliged to show them upon request to employees of the Promoter. In case of refusal, the visitor can be denied admission to the event.

2.3        During his visit to the Event / Building, the Visitor shall behave in accordance with the law and unwritten rules in society and follow the directions and instructions given by the Organizer’s staff. In case of refusal, the Visitor may be denied access to the Event / Building.

2.4        During his visit to the Event / Building, the Visitor may not
(a) smoke outside designated areas; (b) offer goods for sale; (c) carry with him any animals (except service dogs), consumptions, narcotics, dangerous or hazardous substances or weapons

2.5        If Visitor is involved in theft, destruction or causes disturbance, the Visitor will
(a) be denied access to the Event / Building; (b) be reported to the authorities; (c) be liable for damages –including but not limited to- loss of profits and loss of sales.

2.6.       The Organizer and the Venue Holder retain the right to make video or audio recordings of the Event. The Visitor declares himself aware of and agrees with the above, and now waives the right to oppose the use of his portrait/likeness in publication or reproduction of those recordings.

3. Liability of the Organizer

3.1        The Visitor’s stay at the Building is at his own expense and risk.

3.2        If and to the extent that the Organizer is wholly or partly unable to fulfill his obligations to the Visitor as a result of force majeure, the Visitor does not retain legal rights to compensation.

3.3.       Force majeure is understood to include, in addition to all that is considered force majeure by law, any failure of third parties that affect the contract, labor disputes, war, threat of war and riots, restrictive measures by both domestic and foreign governments, the death of one or members of the royal family, serious calamities, fire, strikes, failure of and damage to equipment and equipment control systems, obstruction / strike of transport, flooding, sabotage and in general all unforeseen circumstances both at home and abroad and any other event which could reasonably withdraw control from the Organizer.

3.4.       The Organizer can never be held liable for any damage resulting from death, injury, accident, loss, damage or theft caused by the Visitor before, during or following a visit to the Event or the Building.

3.5.       If and insofar as the Event is canceled by the Organizer or by Venue Holder, the Organizer will never compensate more than the ticket price, provided proof of payment to the Organizer is presented. In such a situation, the Organizer cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect costs incurred or any other damages that the Visitor may have suffered.

3.6.       The Organizer is not liable for a breach of fundamental obligations of the Broker under the agreement, that is based on negligence and does not cause injury to life, body or health. The liability then lies with the Broker. It is limited to compensation for damages that are predictable and typical of the type of agreement. Fundamental obligations are all obligations that must be met in order to first make possible the fulfillment of the contract.

3.7.       The Organizer is not liable for the following, unavoidable complaints and circumstances, which can therefore never result in any obligation to pay compensation by the Organizer: changes in/ quality of / manner of conducting the program, disturbances or inconvenience cause by other visitors, disturbances or inconvenience caused by equipment, maintenance work in or to the Building or the malfunction of facilities in the Building, by which the Visitor may be adversely affected.

4. Ticket

4.1        The following methods of payment are possible:
a. Through the online sale on the Organzer’s and/or Broker’s Website.

Once purchased, tickets cannot be exchanged or returned. If the Visitor, for whatever reason, does not use the ticket, this is his own expense.

However, the Visitor may, after discussing it with the Organizer, use his Ticket for the same or similar Event on a later date, provided the Visitor notifies the Organizer at least 24 hours in advance. Organizer is no way responsible for the availability of a seat at the next Event.

Because of the time-bound nature of the Ticket, the legal reflection period is not applicable.

4.2        If there is a payment following a booking through the Organizer’s or Broker’s Website, the contract between the Organizer and Visitor is entered into when the Organizer receives confirmation of (authorization of) payment. With the realization of this contract, the Visitor agrees to the Terms and Conditions of the Organizer.

4.3        If, in the case of online ticket sales, the Organizer does not receive confirmation of (authorization of) payment, the Visitor will be notified of the failure and will not enter into the contract. The absence of such a notification is not legally binding.

4.4        Tickets remain the property of the Organizer and are supplied to the Visitor under the condition that, without prior written consent of the Organizer, it is not permitted to:
(a) Sell or supply Tickets to third parties, directly or indirectly, in a commercial manner;
(b) Offer or refer to Tickets in whatsoever way in commercial communications;
(c) If the situation referred to in (a) or (b) occurs, the Organizer will make the tickets invalid. Holder of the tickets will be denied admission to the event, without any right to compensation.

4.5        Only the holder of the Ticket who first produces it will be granted admission to the Event.

4.6        The Organizer reserves the right to set maximum to the number of Tickets that may be purchased at once or by the same person. Purchases beyond that limit will be adjusted/cancelled to undo the excess..

4.7        In the case of online ticket sales, the Organizer strives to provide Tickets within five working days of receipt of full payment to the Visitor. If the Visitor does not receive the Tickets within two business days of a successful transaction, Visitor should contact the Organizer in writing or by telephone. After this period, the Organizer will assume the Visitor received the Ticket in good order.

4.8        If, in the case of online ticket sales, the Visitor is not provided with Tickets within two hours of a successful transaction, the Visitor will be provided with replacement Tickets by the Organizer at no extra cost upon Visitor’s first written or telephone request. The Tickets that were not received will be made invalid.

4.9       If, after a successful transaction just before or during an Event, Tickets are not received by the Visitor, the Visitor should contact the Organizer by telephone. The Organizer shall, if Tickets were not received by Visitor, facilitate replacement Tickets at no extra cost. The Tickets that were not received will be made invalid.

4:10      In the case of online ticket sales, the received Tickets should be checked for correctness by the Visitor. If the Ticket is incorrect, for example in the case of erroneous details, the Visitor will be provided with replacement Tickets by the Organizer at no extra cost upon Visitor’s first written or telephone request. The incorrect Tickets will be made invalid.

5. Complaints

5.1        Complaints about the implementation of the Terms and Conditions between the Organizer and the Visitor must be reported in writing to the Organizer. Complaints will be handled in a fair and reasonable manner. Organizer’s contact details are available through the Website.

6. Applicable law and competent court

6.1        These Terms and Conditions are governed by Dutch law.

6.2        All disputes arising from the Terms and Conditions between the Visitor and the Organizer shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent court.

7. Personal information

7.1        Data relating to the Visitor, including information regarding the name, address and residence of the Visitor, which is registered by the Organizer for the purpose of providing a Ticket, will be used only to provide services in the field of ticket sales.